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Do you know what sponsored content is?

Ads are a way of life on the internet. You know the kind — annoying pop-ups, unrelated images and gifs interrupting the flow of an article that you’re trying to read, and page margins littered with graphics asking you to buy things.

But what about advertisements you can’t see as clearly? Believe it or not, a lot of what you read online might be paid for by sponsors. This content goes by many names in the industry — SEO content, sponsored content, native advertising, and more. Articles are written to promote a product, brand, or business but are disguised as informative content. Websites make money by charging businesses a fee for posting this content and intermingling it with their regular content.

Sometimes sites are kind enough to tag these posts as “sponsored,” but they are not always required to and may be indistinguishable from the real thing. They may contain links back to product pages, or simply contain commonly searched keywords that are associated with a brand or product that the company wants to promote.

Help Sciworthy stay impartial

Sciworthy does not do ads or sponsored content because we are ethically against it. There is a lot of money in it — we can see why this option is so appealing to content creators. If we ran sponsored content, we would be a self-sustaining business in no time. We have been volunteering our time for the last 7 years, but we have grown too much to be able to afford to keep doing it for free now.

The good news is, we are a non-profit. So, you help us avoid having to run ads by donating to us one time or joining our Patreon community. No donation is too small. You get free stuff for helping us out.