About the Program

Are you a professor at a university, community college, or technical school who is passionate about science communication and writing? Would you like to teach your students to write better, but don’t have class time to devote to it? Sciworthy can help.

How it Works

By partnering with us each semester, we will allow your students to take our unique, self-paced, online science writing course. Then, your students will submit a summary of a scientific study to us to be edited by our team for publication on the site as a course assignment.

This opportunity can be easily customized to fit your course schedule and grading scheme.

Professors can be as involved or as hands-off as they wish. You can make it a pass/fail assignment and our editing team can provide the feedback directly to the students. For a more involved approach, you are welcome to take our writing course as well and assist with editing. Or, anything in between! Some professors have offered the assignment as extra credit or as a graded assignment. You may choose the papers for the students around a common theme, let them choose any paper, or assign specific papers for them to cover. It is completely up to you.

Want to Know Even More?

To find out if this program is a good fit for your classes, please contact us at info@sciworthy.com. We accept graduate and and advanced undergraduate classes from any science or social science department. Sciworthy is based in the United States, but we are interested in forming relationships with both domestic and international schools. Note: There is a fee per student to participate. Contact us for more details.