Are you interested in writing about science? Are you passionate about connecting the world to the knowledge that benefits their lives? We’d love to have you on board.

Who Can Write?

Are you a scientist, graduate student, or other science-trained professional (such as a medical provider, science teacher, R&D scientist, etc.) and want to write for us? Excellent!

We publish objective summaries of peer-reviewed studies that have been published within the last 2 years. Our articles are geared toward non-scientists.

We do NOT accept sponsored content, blog posts, op-eds, press releases, listicles, or book reviews. Requests for this type of content will not receive a response. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Choosing a Paper

When choosing a paper to cover, ask yourself if the paper is…

Yours: We strongly encourage researchers to submit first-person summaries of their own recently published papers.
Recent: Sciworthy articles should cover papers that are no more than 2 years old and must be published in a peer reviewed journal
Distillable: The process of the study can be explained using everyday language or by working the definitions of scientific vocabulary into the narrative.
Familiar: A non-scientist might be aware of or familiar with the general subject matter.
Connected: It updates non-scientists on the current knowledge of something they learned in their K-12 school years. (Examples: acid rain, the ozone hole, Galileo, Einstein)
Outside the Box: It is particularly creative, clever, unique, or daring. 
Trending: It is trending in the news, but people are getting it wrong.
Relevant: It provides incremental knowledge toward one of the 20 Big Questions.

Submitting Your Pitch

It is best to provide a link to the paper, a one sentence summary of it, and a little bit about your educational background that leads you to be qualified to summarize the study and put it into the proper context. Please do not send completed summaries. We may require that you go through our 45 minute online training prior to writing your submission so you understand our style and approach.

If this is sounds like the website for you, then please do submit your pitch to Please allow up to 14 days for a response.