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What’s new in cancer?

The relationship between gut microbiome and anxiety disorders

A new study in mice reveals that gut microbiome influences genetics factors which contribute to anxiety behaviors in mice.

Simulating cancer patients’ organs in the lab to test treatments

Scientists were able to combine the patient's cancer cells and immune cells in a culture "Petri dish" to simulate the patients’ bodies, and test which cancer…

A novel way to detect mutated DNA in blood of cancer patients

Scientists test a new way to "type" cancers using a blood test, by irradiating the tumor to make the tumor DNA more detectable in the blood.

How does damaged DNA repair itself?

Our DNA is a crucial part of creating every cell in our bodies. It is the instruction manual our cells read to know exactly what to do and how to act. But how…

Scientists analyze the domino effect of breast cancer escalation

Research conducted in China has made way for potential treatment options for treating breast cancer metastasis in lymph nodes.

Shrinking ovarian tumors with personalized medicine

In a recent study, a group of scientists from the UK evaluated whether a combination of several proteins and a cancer drug that interferes with DNA replication…

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