Horseshoe crabs are critical to the biotech industry A new technique in aquaculture has demonstrated a promising ability to improve survival rates, health, and performance of horseshoe crabs harvested for the biomedical industry.

Did you know that the modern US biomedical industry is built around the baby blue blood of horseshoe crabs? Come find out what scientists are doing to help protect the lives that are saving ours. #horseshoecrabs #conservation #marinebiology #aquaculture

Diet and exercise can shape how your mind ages In a recent study on lifestyle and dementia, in a matter of weeks, supported lifestyle changes in diet, physical activity, and mental engagement improved demential symptoms.

Dementia is a condition that many of us are all too familiar with within friends and family. Dementia itself is a blanket term that describes several conditions including a decline in thinking skills, memory loss, and altered behavior, feelings and READ MORE

Microscopic animals glow in the dark to survive radiation Scientists found a new species of tardigrade that protects itself from UV radiation with the help of a naturally occurring fluorescence in its body.

Glowing #tardigrades?! Learn how a newly discovered species of tardigrade survive extreme UV radiation. #astrobiology

Could the “overview effect” calm political polarization? This paper makes a case for teaching emotional regulation in schools and looking at the Earth from space. The author explains this would help us all become emotionally capable individuals who could engage in conversations with people different from us, with empathy and respect.

Have you ever been angered by someone else’s opinion? Did you understand where the person was coming from before disagreeing? Here’s how @sanjoymarcel thinks we could cool things down a bit. #palebluedot #lookupandlookin article by Aditi Sharma.

Using Reishi mushrooms to filter methane out of the atmosphere Both living and dead fungi were tested for their ability to capture methane from the atmosphere. Surprisingly, dead fungi performed the best and have high potential for reducing methane levels.

Could dead or living #fungi be used as a biofilter to trap and remove #methane, the potent #greenhousegas, from the atmosphere? Researchers including @shroominn from @UMNews tested both living and dead fungal biomass to determine their ability to capture methane.

What is direct heating and how does it impact our future? With some simple calculations, two scientists estimate that Earth will be unlivable by 2370 due to direct heating, which, despite how it sounds, is not related to climate change.

You hear people panicking about climate change. But what about direct heating? Even if there was no climate change, our energy use still matters depending on how many people live on the planet.

Designing an airplane that can fly on Mars! First we put a rover on Mars, then a helicopter (Ingenuity). But what about airplanes? This study describes the design of special wings that will help airplanes fly in the thin Martian atmosphere

Can #airplanes fly on #Mars? Maybe! Find out the perfect wing shape for flying in the thin Martian atmosphere.

How PTSD messes with your brain’s memory centers Subjects with PTSD show increased involuntary memory recollection and decreased new information processing.

Ever feel like you can’t control your own memories? Suffer from too many unwanted recollections, and too little access to important information? Post-traumatic stress affects your ability to form new memories and retrieve old ones! #ptsd #adhd #flashbacks #posttraumaticstressdisorder #memory

How does the human body react to being in space? A study of twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly suggest long duration spaceflight alters genes, body functions, and mental well-being in astronauts.

Is going to space safe for human health? Two astronauts, who were twins, volunteered for a research study to look at how the body changes when it goes into space.
#Twins, #NASA, #NSBRI, #Spaceflight, #HumanSpaceflightProgram

What is a fish’s favorite color? Raising fish in certain colors of tanks can cause stress, aggression, or undesirable color patterns. The best color for raising fish varies by species and life stage, but some groups follow general patterns.

Did you know fish prefer certain colors? When they don’t like the color of their tank, the fish may get stressed or aggressive! #aquaculture